Jennifer and Ben
Jennifer and Ben

Jennifer and Ben have taken Bennifer in version 2.0 to make us believe in eternal and unexpected love forever. On Sunday after the new photographs of both surfaced. The alerts jumped with a romantic weekend in Montana, everything was confirmed with her visit to Los Angeles last week and now the paparazzi have photographed them in Miami happy, smiling, and calm.

Let us tell you that Jen shared a house in Miami with Alex Rodríguez. However, she has bought a new home and is showing it to Ben in these photos that convey Love on all four sides.  Dressed in all white boho dress she is seen smiling a little Ibiza. On the contrary, Ben was seen in dark tones and seems more serious although Jennifer’s face says it all.

Jen was looking very naughty walking around the house, taking selfies on the balcony, smoking a cigarette outside with him. And the couple rationing us their appearances little by little. First, in a car, now together in her house. This has left everyone really excited. 

Take a look at the photos below:

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