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Bigg Boss 11: This Evicted Contestant is Spotted With The ‘Jallad’ of The Show!

You all Bigg Boss fans are familiar with Chintan Gangar aka ‘Airporti Jallad’ of BB 7. He is associated with Bigg Boss since its seventh season. You would remember how during a fun task of Waxing, ‘Jallad’ broke into a laughter on one ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ last month!

Chintan had entered BB 7 after a screen test and beating 6 other candidates and since then he has participated in Season 7, 8, 9 and 11. He has always had that scary look with no smile. He is the only person who doesn’t utter a word and is still famous. He looks angry all the time. But in real life, Chintan is a very fun loving person and we saw the glimpse when he accidentally smiled twice in this season breaking his all 3 seasons record during the waxing of hair task.

He is recently spotted with none other than the evicted contestant Benafsha Soonawalla. She got evicted from the house a month ago. Firstly ben shared a photo of them together and then Chintan shared it. Here’s what they captioned!

While Chintan’s caption to this pic he posted yesterday, read –

“BB 11 Cutest Binafsha ❤️soonawalla”.. Here’s what Ben had to say….! Ben revealed a ‘top secret’ about ‘Jallad’ in her message that read – “JAAAALLLLLUUUUU!! Guys guess who came to hug me first and smiled wide when I met him outside the house!!! He is so so jolly in real life. But no one can know. Top secret!! Haha love you jalluuu!! “

So adorable!

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