India Actress Died After Bitten by a Cobra While She Was Using it...

Actress Died After Bitten by a Cobra While She Was Using it as a Prop During a Show

Using a Cobra as a prop on a TV show cost this actress her life. Kalidasi Mondal a 63-year-old Bengali actress has died after a live snake being used as a prop in a ‘Jatra’ bit her during the show in North 24 Parganas district, police said today.

This sad incident happened at Barunhat village in Hasnabad police station area last night. She was immediately taken to the hospital after the snake bit her but she was declared brought dead, police said.

In a shocking revelation, a co-actress of Mondal, however, alleged that after the incident, an ‘Ojha’ tried to cure her but failed to save her life. She was then taken to the local primary health center but died by then, she said. People in many areas of India believe that an ‘Ojha’ can cure a snake bite case by chanting ‘mantra’ and using herbs. Police is investigating the case further and the body has been sent for post-mortem examination.

The snake was needed in the ‘Jatra’ (rural theatre) as it was based on ‘Manasamangal Kavya’, a mediaval era literature that narrates the story of how snake goddess Manasa establishes her worship in Bengal.

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