Best Alcohol Drinks Which Can Add Extra Flavour To Your Festive Mood This Diwali


Life is full of celebrations. In every celebration, the one thing which is a must is “Booze”, alcohol or any nickname you have given to your alcohol. The real celebrations start when the booze is poured into cups. So, this Diwali are you going to drink…? of course, you will but what? That same old desi daru?  Diwali is a special festival so what you drink on this occasion should also be special. We have prepared a list of the best alcohol you can drink this Diwali.




Chandon this edition was introduced last season. Brut and rose, the design of the bottle is itself very classy and a party mode booster. That is why this is the best alcohol you can drink this Diwali.The bottle have been designed, specifically for the party season. The price of the bottle is INR 1,300 and 1,500 respectively.

Glenmorangie Craftsman’s Cup


Yes, the name is quite hard to remember. This is the perfect and money worth best alcohol you can drink this Diwali and gift your friend too. The packing of this fabulous drink come with a 75cl bottle of Glenmorangie Original; a 10-year-old single malt of exquisite flavor, along with two branded metal cups. It is available in all major cities and is priced at INR 7000, INR 3500, and INR 8300 respectively.

Royal Salute

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One of the most beautifully crafted aged scotch whiskey is Royal Salute. The packaging of this luxurious has been designed by British designer Tom Lane. This set is a tribute and a mark of celebration between the British and French crowns in 1520. This can be the best alcohol you can drink this Diwali. Imagine you gift this to your friend or family they can not thank you enough for this.It is available at INR 14,900. 

Mateus Rosé


The bottle is very bright and attractive.  Made from a selection of Portuguese red grape varieties, like Baga, Rufete, Tinta Barroca and Touriga Franca, the fresh tasting and seductively scented wine is well-balanced and is brilliantly complemented by a soft and slightly fizzy finish nad this is the best alcohol you can drink this Diwali. Unless you want to gift this drink to one of your friends. This drink is available at INR 1950.

Sula Brut Tropicale Magnum


This wine is made from  premium black grapes including Pinot Noir and this is Sula’s Vineyards best wine. You can totally gift this wine to your friend or relative. This is the best alcohol you can drink this Diwali.

Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir

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Jacob’s Creek is tailored with different  palettes and includes some of the best wine making ingredients. This drink is a good example of  a perfect chardonnay. This particular selection has freshness, varietal expression and a subtle yeast complexity that lends an easy drinking style.

This are the various drinks you can gift your friends or loved one’s this Diwali. Except, these there are other options also of  what we call a fine drink. Chivas Regal The Icon, Absolut Elyx and Camus VS Elegant Cognac.

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