Worth Of Urvashi Rautela’s Laxer Cut Leather Lehenga At Neha Kakkar’s Wedding

Urvashi Rautela laxer cut leather lehenga at Neha Kakkar's wedding grabbed headlines. The stylist reveals the worth of her leather lehenga.
Entertainment Best Be Like Bro Memes On The Irritating Things In Life From...

Best Be Like Bro Memes On The Irritating Things In Life From Dating To Relationships And Shit Like That

What Is Cooler Than Be Like Bro Meme !! Duh…Nothing !

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If someone stupid comes and ask you what is so cool about Be Like Bro Meme just answer him/ her in Be Like Bro Meme way…which is the coolest and rudest at the same time. The popularity of Be Like Bro meme is so much that when you search it on google it come sin various languages from Kannada to god knows ! The page of Be like bro is the ultimate destination for all those who finds even the weirdest situations funny and who enjoy little things in their respective lives.

Some Be Like Bro Meme On its Own Hilarious Logic !

Be Like Bro Meme Answer To illogics

Have you ever been through those irritating posts on Facebook and twitter about liking their post and putting illogical in it ? Well, Be Like Bro Meme has a punch in the face reply to all of them. Yup, enough with your stupid logic ! Says Be Like Bro in an indirect way.

Be Like Bro Meme On Dating And All…!


Well, it is a harsh truth that getting a girl by your side is hard and a job of very concentration as you have to find ways to interact with the girl you like a lot. But Be Like Bro Meme, as usual, has the funniest way to intervene between a girl and her bestie and getting your foot down, not literally.

Be Like Bro Meme On The  So-Called  “Love”


Love is a bliss…! but Be Like Bro Meme tends to differ ! According to Be Like Bro Meme Love is a feeling but a complete non-sense. Yes, Be Like Bro Meme explains the love as common sense leaving you body.

Be Like Bro Meme On Relationships


Relationships…? Be Like Bro Meme  advice on relationships is amazing. It gives you the idea as to how to deal with your better half. Does she want to go shopping ? Ignore her ! Simple.

This just proves only one thing and that is Be Like Bro Memes are the coolest and the boldest memes ever. We wish this never stops and keep on enetertaining us.

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