Holi is the festival of colors and one of the most enjoyed festivals of India. This festival is a symbol of unity and brotherhood for many people and if played unadulterated can leave lifelong fond memories to cherish. Also, Holi is a festival of colors and kids love playing with water and colors. So it becomes very important that we use herbal/natural colors so that it does not damage our skin or health in this changing weather and we can enjoy Holi while being safe. We give you some useful tips to have a safe and enjoyable Holi.

  1. Use herbal and organic colors

These days lots of different brands of Holi colors are available in the market, but they are mostly made up of synthetic material that can be very harmful to our skin and worse if it enters our mouth or eyes. A much better way to be safe this Holi is to make colors at home from sandalwood, saffron, turmeric, ‘test’ and other flowers, dried pomegranate peels etc. By using this easily available stuff we can enjoy playing with colors and be safe as well.


2. Oil and tie your hair well

While we can be careful ourselves in choosing the right quality of colors but we can’t be assured of others. so, it’s better to take all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe. Apply a good quantity of coconut oil on your hair and tie them before playing Holi, as this will avoid color to enter your scalp and your hair color will be washed off easily after Holi. Please do not let your hair loose if you want your hair to be safe and undamaged.


3. Protect your face well

Face, the most important part of our body and the first target for everyone on Holi to apply color to, can be kept safe by applying a good amount of any branded sunscreen lotion, as it will prevent color from entering the skin pores. To protect your lips you can use petroleum jelly lip balms which can also be applied to your teeth.


4. Keep your hands and body safe

It is most advisable to soak your body in oil so that no color stays on it and can be  washed off easily. Also, you can apply transparent nail paint on your hand and toe nails to protect them from chemical colors. Even boys would love to use this tip this Holi. So this can help you enjoy your Holi celebration while being safe as well.


5. Wear proper clothes

It is the best way to avoid direct contact of colors and water to your skin so by wearing full sleeved clothes and pajamas you protect your hands and legs well while being comfortable as well. By covering ourselves well we will be able to protect ourselves from not only colors but we will be safe from the impact of the changing weather. Also, most people prefer wearing old and unwanted clothes on Holi as they mostly get spoiled with colors which do not get removed.


6. Protect your eyes

Keep your eyes shut when anyone is applying color on your face or throwing colors at you. Synthetic colors have very harmful material that can damage our eyes. Also, one should cover their face if they see a water balloon approaching as its impact can damage our eyeballs. Those wearing lenses should take them off before playing Holi so that they can be safe and enjoy the festivals of colors.

Mans face covered with powder paint during Holi festival

So, this Holi enjoys the most by following these simple tips and also being safe.

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