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News Technology 5 Best CDN Services For Blazing Fast Wordpress Blog 2017

5 Best CDN Services For Blazing Fast WordPress Blog 2017


As you all know Google search engines hates slow loading pages and it impacts your search engine ranking badly. Page load time is an official and significant search engine ranking factor and if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, then your are loosing users and conversions right away because no one likes slow loading pages. Most of the times WordPress is hosted on shared hosting and servers are under load.The culprit for slow loading is large images and static css and js files.So its always good to use a content delivery network CDN to distribute these static files which makes your pages load faster.

Best CDN Providers for WordPress: 2017

So we tested few content delivery networks and here is the list of results which can help you to choose a good content delivery network for your wordpress blog.

Best WordPress CDN Services To Make WordPress Site Faster

1. Max CDN

MaxCDN is number one on our list and is one of the most popular WordPress CDN service.MaxCDN is used by many big blogging companies.

If you are using WP Fastest Cache plugin or W3TOTAL Cache, then these plugin comes with an easy MaxCDN integration feature. You just need to enable CDN feature and fill the MaxCDN information and you are all set to go. However, if you are still confused, this step-by-step tutorial will make things clear for you.

MaxCDN has servers located in different cities of the USA and EU along with other locations like Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel, Sao Paulo, etc.

While MaxCDN’s plans start from $9 per month for a 100GB plan, you can test the service by creating a free test account.

2.Key CDN

KeyCDN is on number 2 in our list. KeyCDN is a high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN). Its global delivery network and  cutting edge technology instantly speed up your wordpress blogs and websites. Even we at Pagalparrot is using the KeyCDN to deliver our static files.

All the cache plugins like WP Super Cache and W3Total Cache have the feature to integrate KeyCDN easily.Also there is a free plugin called CDN Enabler can help you to integrate it easily.

Key highlights of KeyCDN:

  • 30 days free trial without credit card
  • Free credits worth 25GB of traffic
  • Pay as you go
  • 5 zones are free & additional zone would cost $1
  • Instant account activation
  • $4 dollar for one month if your blog is small


Cloudflare is very popular amongst bloggers to make the website faster. This CDN service makes the websites blazing fast by optimising page delivery using edge servers and rocket loading technology. It also protects the website form bad bots and other threats like DDoS attacks. It works as a proxy server for your server.

You can use the cloudflare basic plan for free.You have to pay for additional features if you want to use. The pro version includes mobile optimization, instant customer support etc.

Unlike  other CDN services, CloudFlare does not charge for the bandwidth usage. The free service also includes SSL support. The Pro plan starts form $20 onwards.


CacheFly is costly:(. Yes we are right if you are small blogger and you traffic is not that much and your revenue from ads is low then its not easy to afford this service. But MNC companies like Microsoft, LG, Toyata, Adobe etc use CacheFly to accelerate their websites.With more than 40 data centers spread around the globe, Cachefly is capable of delivering your website contents in a fast and efficient way all over the world.

The dynamic control panel of Cachefly lets you keep track of your usage statistics and you can track the content delivery.

Its plans starts from from $99 for 256GB per month, Cachefly has three different plans for the users but you can avail the 30 days trial of the service before buying.


CDN77 provides a huge boost in the page loading speed and overall performance of your website.

CDN is new in this list of CDN services but this service become a popular name in a short time in the world of CDN services. CDN77 provides a huge boost in the page loading speed and overall performance of your wordpress website.

CDN77 offers a very simple integration for the users and well documented articles to integrate the service in your wordpress. You can easily signup for the service in few steps and a beatifull dashboard will help you manage the service easily.

If you are usingW3 Total Cache plugin, you can follow this detailed tutorial to setup CDN77 on your wordpress website.

By using a good CDN service, you can make sure that the website visitors are enjoying a faster page loading speed and a better-performing website. So which CDN are you using on your server or you can use all these CDN’s trials on your website and you can share your reviews by commenting and giving feedback to help others to choose a Good and Reliable CND service for their wordpress blogs.

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