31st December, New Years’ Eve and have to work? Yeah! I feel you, It sucks! While all your friends will be making plans looking for the best places to hangout, and best clubs in town to party, you’ll be listening to your Boss about how that report could’ve been better at certain places. But! Before you start cussing the poor soul, this post may come to your rescue.. Read further..

Best Excuses To Skip Work On 31st December..

Traffic problems

Tell your Boss how ridiculously crowded the streets are and you’re just not able to move your car through it. All because most of the people got the day off!


Health Problems

Tell your boss how you decided to celebrate your New Years’ eve in advance only because you’d be working on 31st and fell ill for drinking too much. Not your fault now is it?

You Burnt yourself

Since it’s the Holiday season, everybody’s taking an off and you had to cook your own breakfast and in that attempt you successful…ly.. I mean sadly, burnt yourself and had to rush to the ER.


You had an appointment

Just like your Boss your doctor is too adamant to keep working and won’t reschedule any of his appointments. He just doesn’t want to work extra on the 1st.

You locked yourself out

You’re so F*cking stressed about work and deadlines that you accidentally locked yourself out of the house. All the more reason to take an off!


Personal Reasons

This is a whole new unclassified category of excuses which lets you be vague as you may not be willing to reveal those personal reasons which could be a family trouble, medical reasons or even your lazy ass!

Female Problems

This one is just too brilliant! Your Boss, if he’s a Man surely will understand, he may give you some advise from his own experiences. Play the girlfriend or Wife card as it’s definitely a legitimate reason to take an off!


*Please try these Excuses at your own risk.* 

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