Best Hacks To Make Your Room A Heaven Of Your Own

Your Room is your ultimate Haven. Even at home we look for certain nooks or corners where we can find peace and solace and your room should be such after all thats the place you head to after a long tiring day at school, college or work. I like my room to be cozy and decorated with things close to my heart such as gifts I got for my birthdays, pictures of friends and  family and all that and thats the only way I Like it however, I would surely like to add in some touch of creativity and art.. Only if.. ? Yes! I can and I am going to with these Mindblowing hacks to make your room a heaven of your own!

Create your own Personalized Marquee Signs with cardboards and small size light bulbs!


Add some nature, it makes your room look airy and lively.


Cute plants in little pots lined by the window or over the desk can add alot of life to your room. Itgives the ultimate refreshing look.

Create your own Jewellery Display 


All you have to do is find an old wooden board for the classic vintage feel and hammer in some nails. Now you can hang your accessories on the wooden board and it even adds a touch of style to your room.

Light up your picture wall


Light up the pictures hung on the wall with some cute fairy lights and you will wait for the sun to go down and watch the lights lit up your wall!

Spread the Word


Time for some Word Wall Art! You can do this by hanging printouts of letter shaped objects or fabrics cut out to vreate letters and spread the word on the wall!

Paper Crane Curtains




They are colorful and easy to make! Give your room the fancy touch.

Paper art Streamers


Try making these intricately beautiful paper streamers and hang them in your room.

Pick those Pockets 


Cut out pockets from your old denims to create these awesome and cool Pocket Memo Board. You can put in stuff and hang it on the wall.

Bottle Lamps


these look super earthy and aesthetic and are also quite easy to make. All you gotto do is drill in a hole at the bottom and stuff in the fairy lights through it and Viola! You ceated your very own Bottle Lamp.

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