High Life Health Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!

Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!

Back Pain nowadays is very common among all the 40 and above aged people. Back Pain may be Acute, Sub-acute, or Chronic depending on the duration. The pain may Derive from the Nerves, Joints, Muscles and Bones or other parts in the Spine. Back Pain is very much common as about Nine out of Ten Adults experiencing it at some point in their life. In fact, Back Pain is the 5th most common reason for physician visits. To prevent it, one can do the Exercises and can maintain a Good Posture.

Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!

Following are the 3 ways to Cure the Back Pain to a great extent ~

  • Sit in a Relaxed Position

An individual should neither Hunch Forward, nor sit in an Upright Position of 90′. He/She should sit in such a position in which He/She is the most Comfortable.

Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!

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  • Avoid Rigid Posture

Considering our Childhood, We’ve all been told to sit in a straight and upright position. But it is the time to stop believe in such a Notion. In fact, it is the wrong way to sit as it puts unnecessary strain on the Back.

Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!

  • This is the Best Way to Sit.

If you sit in a Relaxed Manner, It is your Right Posture. There should be an angle of about 100-135 degrees between the torso and the legs. Sitting in such a position will reduce the strains in the Spinal Cord and you would not feel stressed.

Best Sitting Positions To Avoid Back Pain!


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