Being pregnant is one of the most awaited time in a girls life and it also scares us the most, because we don’t know how our body will change after pregnancy. No two pregnancies can ever be completely the same, and so all women have different and interesting experiences to share which can be useful to our sisters and friends. Major concern for all the mommies-to-be is how to stay fit during pregnancy so that they don’t put on much weight and can deliver the healthy baby as well, but it also very important to be positive about our baby and yourself. We share with you some useful ways that will surely help you to stay fit during the most exciting and enjoyable period of your life.

1. Count your routine household/office chores

Being indoors can also help you remain fit by just doing your daily tasks at home like dusting, sweeping, mopping, watering the plants etc. By doing these daily chores in a careful manner, it can really be helpful for you to stay fit during your pregnancy and also your daily routine work does not suffer. Make sure you do not include any difficult tasks in your routine.


2. Try Prenatal Yoga

Yoga helps relax our body and mind which is very much required during pregnancy as we have seen our favorite actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta doing it during their pregnancy and after that as well. Yoga helps in keeping our body and mind healthy and happy. So, it is a very good option to stay fit during pregnancy by practicing yoga under the supervision of a good trainer.

yoga pregnancy

3. Walking

Walking help in proper blood circulation throughout our body and hence, it is really helpful during pregnancy. Walking in the fresh air and clean environment gives you lot of relaxation and positive energy that helps you remain fit during your pregnancy.


4. Swimming

Considered the best exercise, swimming helps to increase stamina and blood circulation in our body and also strengthens our muscles, helping us remain fit during pregnancy. Swimming is also very good exercise for lungs and heart and can be done at your ease keeping you cool and relaxed.

swim preg

5. Low Impact Aerobics and Dance

These days Aerobics and Dance is the very common form of exercise done to remain fit during pregnancy as it can help you enjoy and keep your body flexible at the same time. Make sure that the Aerobics and Dance are non-strenuous and can be done at ease without putting much impact on your reproductive organs.

dance preg

6. Eat a Balanced Di

A balanced diet is must all throughout your pregnancy as it is the main source of nutrition for you and your baby. One must include fibrous fruits and veggies in their diet do avoid constipation, iron-rich foods like pomegranate and Folic acid rich food coriander in their diet. Having proper diet and drinking lots of water during pregnancy is one of the main ways to remain fit and glowing during pregnancy.


So need not worry about how your body will look during pregnancy and remain fit by following these simple tips.

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