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Bet You Didn’t Think Of these Things Before Supporting Digital India

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Before we all changed our profile pictures on Facebook with the new filter to support the Digital India, bet you didn’t think of these things! Politicians and Millionaire businessmen when join hands lesser benefit is intended for the third party which implies the general public. There is definitely something fishy and suspicious when big money and power gets involved!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, right, hugs Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at Facebook in Menlo Park, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. A rare visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this weekend has captivated his extensive fan club in the area and commanded the attention of major U.S. technology companies eager to extend their reach into a promising overseas market. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently paid a visit to the Silicon Valley with an agenda following which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture on facebook with the new filter to support Digital india, But must we not dig deep and know the facts before getting too excited to support the move? Things that we must consider!


1. Its not just changing your profile picture what does it really mean?


The Hacker News uploaded a post revealing the source code of the documents of Digital India showing the plan of Zuckerberg’s world domination through

2. What about Privacy On Internet? Digital India at the cost of Privacy?


The Government plans to enhance e-governance by cutting down documentation, paperwork for data security to make india accountable and transparent at the cost of Privacy! Does The latest Draft of New Encryption Policy ring a bell? Yes! the one which stated that whatsapp messages will no longer be private, it still has many loopholes with which the government can anytime look through your data and messages and aniff around your private space!


3. With the Farmers of India committing suicides, is this really the priority for now?


Where a number of farmers are still committing suicide, is it even a good time to provide broadband to 60,000 villages? Wouldn’t electricity, clean water and free education the first things necessary for empowerment?

4. Wifi Spots at over 400 Railway Stations to be provided by Google. Why?


We’re not implying Why the WiFi but why Google? Why can’t Indian Engineers set up and rig a Public WiFi system? If India can give Google its new CEO, we are definitely  capable and smart enough for the job!


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