High Life Beauty Get Better Skin By Valentine's Day With These 9 Beauty Foods

Get Better Skin By Valentine’s Day With These 9 Beauty Foods

Winter’s colder, drier air has taken a toll on your skin? Surely, layering on oils, serums and rich overnight creams can help, yet one piece of the puzzle is frequently unnoticed: diet.

For instance, a bag of chips or other delicious fast food isn’t exactly delivering a boost of antioxidants. Expert nutritionists claim that it is promising to get better skin in just a week through consuming key natural ingredients. After all, you are what you eat.

1. LemonsBeauty food lemon with hot water

Yes, lemons are quite extraordinary yet simplest of things easily available in the market. Beginning the day with some hot water and lemon could prove to be highly beneficial for you. It detoxifies the body by helping your digestive system and liver eliminate waste quickly. Also, squeeze lemon on top of salads and green juices.

2. AlmondsBeauty food almonds

Probably known to everyone that almonds are a healthful snack, they are also a beauty food, as they are a particularly rich source of Vitamin E. This nutrient often called as ‘the skin-beautifying antioxidant’, since it’s present in human epidermal tissue, [where it] creates smoothness and suppleness. Vitamin E also helps fight signs of aging and damaged caused by UV rays.

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