Pooja Bedi Shares Of Her Night’s Inside Video Of Goa Quarantine Center

Pooja Bedi has recently uploaded a video of a quarantine center after reaching Goa. Let me tell you that Pooja Bedi has...
High Life Beware! If Your Man Is Saying You These Things, He's Definitely Cheating...

Beware! If Your Man Is Saying You These Things, He’s Definitely Cheating You

I Don’t Know Why My Friends Call You With The Wrong Name

It means that he never told his friends about you. If you always meat his friends accidentally when you both are together, there are signs that he doesn’t want you to meet his friends. Moreover, If he really loves you he will introduce you to his friends.

We’ll Talk About It Later

Later usually means never. If you try to plan something for both of you and he is always saying we’ll talk later, it means he doesn’t want to be with you in future.

I Have Two Phones, One is Just For Work

Ohhhhh! This is really an old trick of guys to handle two or more ladies at the same time.

I Have No Feelings For My Wife/ Girlfriend, I’ll Leave Her But Not Now

Remember, never get in a relationship with a guy who is already with someone. Because he is not your guy at all whether he is saying it or not. Because it will break the heart of that girl. If he is cheating her now later he can do the same with you also.

I Am Not Ready For Marriage

It takes a maximum of 3 years for a guy to decide that whether he is marrying his girlfriend or not. If he is dating you for more than three years and saying that he is not ready for marriage it means that he will never marry you.

I Have No Idea Who’s That Girl And Why She Keeps Calling Me

Probably, It means he exactly knows who that girl is and what she wants.

I Just Fell In Love With Your Smile it Wasn’t About Sex When We Met First

Okay, but if he is always rushing you to bed then tell him just one thing that a girl should save herself for marriage. Afterwords note that if he texts or calls you less and at the end never calls you. it means that he was with you only for one thing.

I’M Going Through a Personal Crises That’s Why I Couldn’t Call You

Ohhh! Enough guys this is really an old idea just bring something new. Actually, nobody is that busy it’s just about priorities.

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