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This country  can never forget the sacrifice of martyr Bhagat Singh , the hero who fought for freedom  . Even today the mansion of the hero of the freedom struggle is absolutely safe in Pakistan. It can be guessed from this that even today how much love and respect is in everyone’s heart for him. This mansion of Bhagat Singh is in Judwanwala tehsil of Faisalabad city of Pakistan. A Pakistani family has taken care of the mansion.

The view around the haveli is exactly like the city and town. A little ahead of the Makwana bypass, there is a sign board on the road side, on which the name of Bhagat Singh is also written. Anyone reading the sign board will understand that Bhagat Singh’s bungalow is just 12 km away. Most of the population of this village is of Muslims who migrated from India to Pakistan during partition. All the villagers are proud that they are residents of the place where the freedom hero was born. 

It is said that no Hindu or Muslim person lives here anymore. At the same time  ,  the mansion of the hero of freedom has now become a national monument. After partition, the mansion was handed over to the elders of lawyer Saqib Varak. Since then his generation has been taking care of the mansion. Vakil Sahib says that in 1947 this house was given to his grandfather, Fazl Qadir Varak. In 1890, Bhagat Singh’s father had built two rooms in the house, which are still present in the same condition.  

According to the information, in 2014, the District Coordination Officer (DCO) spent about one crore rupees to get Bhagat Singh’s school and house repaired. At the same time, Nurul Amin Mengal has taken up the responsibility of improving all the buildings associated with Bhagat Singh in the name of ‘Dilkash Lyallpur’. Saqib Varak says that he takes pride in taking care of the haveli.  

They say that even today Bhagat Singh’s safe, spinning wheel and berry trees planted by his hand are present in the mansion. All this stuff of Bhagat Singh is very valuable. Not only this, they also bear the cost of taking care of the house. He tells that even today the people of the village remember Bhagat Singh exactly like their ancestors. 

Not only this, Bhagat Singh’s school is still present in the village. Two rooms of the school are in the same condition as they used to be 100 years ago. His poster is also installed in Bhagat Singh’s class.

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