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Bharti Singh Suffers Asthma Attack While Doing a Stunt in Khatron Ke Khiladi 9




Famous comedian Bharti Singh is in news. She is currently a contestant on the stunt-based show Khataron Ke Khiladi 9. The host of the show is famous director Rohit Shetty. While doing a task, Bharti shocked everyone when she got an asthma attack.

Actually, she had to perform a task against Shamita Shetty, in which they were handcuffed and put in an airbag. Bharti panicked and aborted the task as she found difficult to breathe. She actually got an asthma attack. The medical team presented on the sets provided her with the pump or inhaler.

Khataron Ke Khiladi is getting high TRPs. The show is getting popular with each episode all thanks to the actions and drama involved. In one of the tasks, Rohit Shetty told the contestants that the show will now become unpredictable. He added that they will introduce more twists and turns in the upcoming stunts.

Other than Bharti Singh, one more contestant Jasmin Bhasin also got injured while performing a task. They both are under medication. To let you know, recently Rohit told everyone that two new wild card entries will be a part of the show and he introduced Aditya Narayan and Aly Goni.

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