Bhojpuri Actress Rani Chatterjee Warns To Commit Suicide


In the past, the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput shook everyone, now the famous actress of Bhojpuri films Rani Chatterjee has openly said to commit suicide on social media. In this long post of Rani Chatterjee, she has spoken openly about her depression. The actress also mentioned the name of the person due to whome she is upset.

Rani Chatterjee recently shared a post on her Instagram account. Where she has also shared a picture of a person and his social media post. The name of this person is Dhananjay Singh. In the post, Rani writes, ‘I have been very much troubled by depression now often I talk about being strong and positive but it is not happening anymore. This man has been writing so many dirty things about me for many years on Facebook.’ Have a look on her post:

This post of Rani Chatterjee is going viral on social media and people are fiercely giving feedback on it. Rani has also shared some posts of Dhananjay.

One user wrote, ‘First of all, you are requested not to consider your life as cheap enough to destroy yourself due to such a person. Your fans, your friends, your family are with you, then why are you considering yourself so desperate. Be fearless and teach him a lesson, so that all such sister daughters in the country who end up being fed up with such antics, should be inspired by you. Another user wrote, ‘Please do not listen to such nonsense people … When a person goes towards success, people do such things to distract him from his goal.’

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