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Entertainment Bhoomi Pednekar's New Initiative To Save Environment

Bhoomi Pednekar’s New Initiative To Save Environment

Bhumi Pednekar is worried about the environment. And therefore the actress has joined hands with a foundation to take the necessary steps to protect the environment.

Actress Bhumi Pednekar is worried about the environment and wants to do something for it since it seems that the actress is quite worried about the things happening in our environment. While ago Amphan cyclone brought and destruction in West Bengal and on the same hand, Assam also suffered the floods. In this situation, she is quite worried about nature and now she came forward for a noble deed.

Bhumi Pednekar has joined hands with the Bhamla Foundation and the Ministry of Environment to complete this work. Through the video, she has appealed to everyone to save the environment. She says every extinct species has to be saved, we have to protect their existence. Bhoomi in the video says – More than 8 million species live on this earth. Humans, trees, animals, viruses, sea creatures all live on this earth. These living animals have as much right to live on earth as we humans have.

She has also shed light on the fact that the environment has deteriorated due to human greed. This is the reason that nature is now showing its weird form. Sometimes the destruction of the storm is being seen, while sometimes the flood. She has appealed to everyone through the video that everyone should be determined to protect the earth on this Environment Day. Warning the people she said that if the earth is not protected we could see more dangerous times ahead.

Let us tell you that Bhumi calls herself a climate warrior, which means that the actress is quite serious to make an effort to protect her environment. Talking about the work front earlier, she was seen in the film Bala. And now Pednekar is going to work in Karan Johar’s ambitious project “Takht”.

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