News BHU's Research Scholar Commits Suicide And Shockingly The Reason Was Migraine

BHU’s Research Scholar Commits Suicide And Shockingly The Reason Was Migraine

A woman research scholar of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) named Khayati made headlines after committing suicide. She got admitted to the Trauma Centre after attempting suicide, died during the course of treatment on Tuesday. The police are investigating the matter.

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Her parents live in Bhopal and were informed. Khayati was 27 years old and lived in a rented room in Nagwa locality in Lanka area. She was a research scholar at the Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development, BHU.

According to reports, the landlord noticed her hanging in her room in the morning. He then immediately informed the police and then she was rushed to BHU’s Trauma Centre. Her parents were informed about the incident. She was admitted to the intensive care unit where she took her last breathe.

It is said that she hanged herself after having a video chat with her fiance. Khayati’s mother told that she had a migraine which made her irritable. Migraine makes a person feel depressed. Migraine pain generally causes in one side of the head.

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