Bhumi Pednekar’s One Call Changed This Actor’s Entire Life


Actor Karan Anand, who played a spy in the movie ‘Baby’ with Akshay Kumar, went through a lot of struggle. It took a lot of time for him to make his mark in the Bollywood industry but he also got work with big actors like Salman Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar. But do you know that a call from Bhumi Pednekar changed the fortunes of Karan Anand?

Turning point in Karan Anand life and call from Bhumi Pednekar

Let me tell you that Karan Anand has no godfather in the industry. Sharing an anecdote, Karan says, “I have done the same Struggle a new actor has to do. It took me five years to understand the industry. Could not understand where to go, whom to meet. I had no godfather, I just came straight to Mumbai.”

He said, After coming to Mumbai, I kept meeting people, then I started getting TV shows and strangely enough, after seeing my television character, I got the movie ‘Gunday’. I was exercising in the gym like every day. I accidentally had earphones on that day. Then I got a call and that asked me that you play Vijay Singh in the serial of Doordarshan. I said yes. The girl said I got your number from somewhere. I said, my name is Karan and I am the one doing that role. She said that Karan, you have been finalized for a film and you can come for the audition if you are free. I asked where to come. Where are you speaking from?

She said, I am speaking from Yash Raj Studio and that call was from Bhumi Pednekar. The next day at 2 am I went to Yash Raj Studio and auditioned. Then after 8 days, I got a call and I was finalized for the role of the film. I was told that the film has three normal scenes and an action scene. The action scene is main and on the train. Both heroes will be in front of you. From there, I broke up from the TV and entered the film world.

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