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Entertainment Why Big Actresses Like Aishwarya Rai And Sridevi Said No to Sunny Deol?...

Why Big Actresses Like Aishwarya Rai And Sridevi Said No to Sunny Deol? The Reason Will Surprise You!

Sunny Deol with Dhai Kilo ka Hath is one such actor whose films are power-packed action thrillers. We enjoyed them a lot! The actor was one of the most popular action heroes from the 90s and continues to have a massive fan-following even today. But take a quick review of his films and you will find that the actor has never worked with an established actress. Well, there’s a shocking reason behind this! Read out the text below:


Sunny himself agreed that he has never worked with big heroines in his entire career. For blockbuster film Ghayal, he wanted to cast Sridevi opposite him, he said that:


“I approached Sridevi for Ghayal, she declined the film.”

The role ultimately went to Meenakshi Sheshadri. After some years Sunny approached Aishwarya Rai for a film. But she too refused to work with Sunny. He said that big actresses refuse to work with him because:


“I have approached a lot of big actresses, but none of them agreed to work with me. They refused to work with me maybe because they thought ‘It is a male-centric film.”

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