Big Conspiracy! PM Modi’s Murder Plan Revealed By E-mail To NIA


A big conspiracy is being hatched to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there is a big disclosure about this. According to information received, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has received some threatening mail in which this has been revealed. The content of the email is being investigated. NIA has requested to take appropriate action in this matter. The NIA is currently investigating the entire case. The SPG has also informed about this.

PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI4_10_2017_000271A)

The revelation comes at a time when political hatred towards PM Modi is being promoted and murderers are being instigated. External elements are being monitored after the email is detected. The criminals and terror elements living outside India are being monitored. In view of the threat, the security shield has been increased for PM Modi.

The NIA has since been in touch with several major security agencies including representatives from RAW, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Defense Intelligence Agencies. This e-mail has been sent from, which is said to kill PM. In this e-mail, 3 words are written – ‘Kill Narendra Modi‘. This entire matter has been brought before the SPG (Special Protection Group), who has the responsibility of protecting PM Modi.

Email Details:
Sender:, sent to:

Date: Sent on Saturday, 8 August 2020, Time: 1:34:06, instructions in the mail: kill Narendra Modi

PM Modi comes to his office in South Block every day. Since receiving this e-mail, all the security agencies have become circumspect and strict monitoring is being done on the security system. Let us tell you that PM Modi’s residence is on Public Welfare Road, where there is a strict security system. Even before this, there have been threats to kill PM Modi, in which the names of terrorist groups based in Pakistan and Kattwari Islamic Jihadi groups have come up.