Kriti Sanon Sweats It Out In This Workout Video

Kriti Sanon becomes an inspiration for all the fitness freaks. And her latest Instagram post proves it all.
News BIG NEWS! Coronavirus May Never Go Away, Can Become Like HIV -...

BIG NEWS! Coronavirus May Never Go Away, Can Become Like HIV – World Health Organization

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The world is currently hoping for the cure of COVID-19 with all the hard work that is needed. Some countries are claiming that they have developed the vaccine for coronavirus but no one knows the truth. People are desperate to get back to their daily life. In all of this, if someone tells you that this is never going to end, what will be your first reaction? I know, my reaction was also like you when I came to know about this. I want to share something very important that WHO has been trying to tell everybody.

The WHO emergencies director Dr Mike Ryan said, even if a vaccine is found, controlling the virus will require a “massive effort”.

Let me tell you one thing, when an infection is regularly found among particular people that is called endemic. Mike Ryan of WHO said:

It is important to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away.

“It is important we are realistic and I don’t think anyone can predict when this disease will disappear.”

The world is struggling continuously to resume the daily life as this was before this pandemic. Now it is also important for us to develop our brains for being practical and realistic.

While the world is hoping for the best, some countries are slowly starting to resume their daily life, but watching the current situation we all need to wait for the new normal.

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