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News Big News! "Coronavirus" Origin Connection Found By The US Scientists

Big News! “Coronavirus” Origin Connection Found By The US Scientists

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American scientists believe that the coronavirus first originated in wild animals and then humans also became infected with it. The world is affected by the coronavirus and 1,84,280 people have died so far.

Researchers at the University of California said that the corona virus epidemic and infectious diseases that have occurred in the past decade are related to wildlife. Professor Paula Cannon at the University said, “We have created situations in which this happened within a short time.” It will happen again after some time. ‘ Scientists are not yet sure how the fresh infection started, but they believe that the corona virus is spread by horseshoe-shaped bats.

Hundreds of coronaviruses in the world

Cannon stated that the corona virus also has imprints of pangolin. But it is not yet clear whether the pangolin has a direct role or that it itself is a victim of bats. He said, “There are hundreds of corona viruses and a large number of them are found in bats.” Canon said that we fear that in the coming time more corona viruses can be transmitted to humans. However, it happens once in 100 years. But when this happens, it s[reads loke a wildfire all over the world.

China accused of originating corona in lab

The United States is investigating whether the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. The US intelligence agency and scientists are investigating it. On the other hand, China has claimed that the coronavirus being born in the lab is absolutely baseless.

Daily Mail says, This research was being done at Wuhan Institute of Virology. The US government gave this a grant of about 10 crores for the research. There have been allegations earlier in this lab of China that it is he who has spread this virus. This lab is near the meat market of Wuhan. They caught bats from caves 1000 miles away for research.

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