BIG NEWS! Evidence of coronavirus genes found in sewage

The whole world is struggling with the coronavirus crisis at this time. More than 4 lakh people have lost their lives due to corona all over the world and over 70 lakh 55 thousand are found to be positive.

Coronavirus genes found in sewage water

Researchers say coronavirus genes have been found in water samples taken from sewers that are not at risk of infection. Sewage water also needs to be checked to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Monitoring of drains especially in the country’s hotspot areas is necessary.

How coronavirus is reaching into sewers

Manish Kumar, professor and principal researcher at IIT Gandhinagar, says that monitoring of water is very important. Patients who are positive and who are asymptomatic, both of their feces are reaching into the sewers with coronavirus. This is the first such research in India.

Three genes of coronavirus are found in water samples

According to researcher Manish Kumar, the Gujarat Pollution Control Board was also involved in this research. 100 mL samples were taken from the drains between 8 and 27 May. Which was tested for PCR. They contained RNA of coronavirus, although it was dead. In addition, three genes of the corona “ORF1ab, S and N” were also found in the sample.

Researchers says that between 1 thousand to 10 thousand people’ feces collects in such drain water. Testing of every person present in the country is not possible, in such a situation, testing of the dirty water helps in understanding the graph of the epidemic.

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