Big News! Indian Government Bans 2550 Muslims Attached To Tablighi Jamat For 10 Years


According to the reports of ANI, the central government has banned over 2500 foreign nationals from visiting India for 10 years due to their involvement in the Tablighi Jamaat activities. These people were visiting India on tourist visas and participating in religious programs. Now, these citizens will not be able to come to India for the next 10 years. According to news reports, these people are now ban for 10 years for violating visa regulations.

The Times Of India reports claims that over 2500 foreigners blacklisted to include citizens of Nigeria, Mali, Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, UK (OCI card holders), South, Africa, Bangladesh, Australia, and Nepal.

Government accused them that in the early stages of corona virus infection, they gathered crowds illegally. Due to which the virus spread rapidly which caught people of many states. In the initial stages, they spread infection in about one-third of the people and 17 states.

When Tablighi Markaz became the epicenter of these Jamatis

The lockdown started with Coronavirus spreading in the country around 15 March. But despite the imposition of Section 144 in Delhi, thousands of Jamatis gathered for several days at Tablighi Markaz located in Hazrat Nizamuddin. During this period, several alleged audios also emerged, in which Maulana Saad, the head of Tablighi Markaz based Hazrat Nizamuddin, was saying that there is no need to fear Coronavirus.

Tablighi Jamat leader Maulana Saad

Delhi Police filed 12 new charge sheets in Saket court last Thursday against 541 foreign nationals. The police have so far filed a total of 47 charge sheets in which over 900 Jamatis have been charged.