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High Life Big Question- Are Magicians Blessed With Supernatural Powers?

Big Question- Are Magicians Blessed With Supernatural Powers?

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Magic – Illusion or real ?

This is one question that comes to everyone’s mind whenever the word magic hits our mind. It is something that can’t be explained. People like Dynamo and Criss Angel are big names in the magic world. Spectators hold their breath to see their performance. Magicians create such an atmosphere around you that everything they do looks amazing and real. But it is just a illusion created around you that makes you believe that it is real. You as a viewer don’t know how it is done, that is why it seems to be magical to you.


It takes them years of practice to create such atmosphere. Magicians or illusionist are very skilled in their work to fool you. All magic shows are just an act which are designed to create illusions. It takes lot of efforts of many people to create a magic. Person or magician on stage is just there to divert our minds in a particular direction so that we can’t figure out the actual things that are going on in front of us. Camera, lights, curtains, equipments, assistants, colors, sometimes people and many other things plays the major role to create a magic on stage .

magic illusion
magic illusion

People like Dynamo and Criss perform magic with lot of tricky editing and camera tricks in their TV shows. Other magicians like Penn & Teller performs without camera and  need lots of practice to perform as camera or editing is not going to help them to create illusion. They do everything in front of you in a way which forces you to believe it as magic. But there is nothing supernatural about it. They plays with your mind. It is their biggest talent. Magic only exists in the mind of spectator. So next time when you are going for a magic show just enjoy it as a piece of art not as a supernatural power and try to figure out the way how they are doing it, if possible.

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