High Life Big Salute To The Spirit Of Learning From This 96 Years-old YOUNG...

Big Salute To The Spirit Of Learning From This 96 Years-old YOUNG Man

We all do Hear that It’s never too late to learn and Raj Kumar Vaishya from Patna is proving that true by appearing for MA exams in the 97th year. Mr. Vaishya Born in 1920 in Bareilly, Raj Kumar completed his graduation from University of Agra in 1938 and Bachelor of Laws in 1940. He always desired a Masters in Economics, but had to sacrifice his passion as he had a family to look after.

raj Kumar vaishya- appearing for M.A at 9678 years later, Now, Raj Kumar is taking the Economics Part-1 exam at Nalanda Open University. For an exam spanning three hours, Kumar took 23 answer sheets. In fact, some of his fellow candidates were probably younger than his grandchildren.

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The university is taking great pride in Kumar’s decision to take the exams at his age. When approached by Kumar, the university sent officials to his house to help in enrollment and even provided him all necessary study material. University officials are saying that Mr. Raj Kumar is setting a benchmark for the generations and people who gets disappointed very soon.

Raj kumar vaishya - appearing for M.A at 96Kumar retired from the post of general manager at a private Jharkhand firm way back in 1980. So, what motivated him start studying now? Santosh Kumar, one of His son’s told how after the death of their mother a decade back, his father did not have much to do and thus decided to pursue further studies.

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