Big Steps Like Trimming Sridevi’s Hairs Gave Me Recognition In The Bollywood Industry- Manish Malhotra

Designer Manish Malhotra has 30 years of working in the costume designing and fashion industry in the film industry. Significantly, Manish, who has designed costumes in 157 films, has always been a special friend of Bollywood actresses due to his special understanding of fashion.

Story Of Manish Malhotra In His Own Words

I have been working in the film fashion industry for 30 years. And now when I look back on this journey, I feel like saying thank you to everything in the world. I believe that people remain connected to you for a long time if they stay true to their craft and signature style. By starting my career in the film ‘Swarg‘ in the 90s. I was accepted with openness due to my progressive thinking and ability to bring reality to the characters. Earlier, the 80s were overfilled with dramatic things, by changing it, I adopted the minimalistic and relatable style and this attracted everyone’s attention

When he trimmed Sridevi’s hairs

Let me tell you a story of this change, he said. I was working on the dress and style of ‘Gumrah’ starring Sridevi. Till that time, the rules of fashion for actor-actresses were very strict. If the heroine is wearing Indian clothes then her hair will be long and if she is wearing Western wear then her hair will be short. I felt all this unrealized that in the very next scene how someone’s hair can suddenly grow and fall. I clearly advised that instead of using wigs on Sridevi, her haircut should be done. This was my big step. Since my suggestion was to bring more reality to the film, it got a fairly good response. This has established my strong identity.

Today’s trends

In today’s era, being trend-equipped is the biggest trend. I have put this thinking in my films. The best fashion of the present may be, individual fashion. Following the same trend, a celebrity is seen wearing a temple sari one day and on the other day, she can be seen wearing Khadi costumes and a stunning Western gown on another day.

At present, every industry is suffering from Corona. The fashion industry is no different. I just read an idea related to the reinvention somewhere and am following it completely. It wrote – ‘Use this difficult time to reinvent yourself and your brand. Never stop innovation, because this is the way for your opportunities to come to you.

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