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Bigg Boss 10 Exclusive: It’s A Win-Win For Both Bani Judge And Manu Punjabi

Bigg Boss 10 with five members remain in the house is on its last leg. For the past 100 days, the housemates have taken up a number of challenges, mired controversies, did melodrama and lot more. This week Bigg Boss assigned them a unique task of running a Dhaba, the inmates were asked to cook delicious food that will be judged on various frameworks and it named as BB Dhaba Task.

The two teams that had given the charge were Rohan and Lopa opposing Bani and Manu. Manveer had chosen as the Sanchalak as well as the owner of the Dhaba. Each team had to complete the orders given by the Bigg Boss in the given interval of time. 

During the first round, the teams were asked to cook the Chinese food, however, both the teams made a Paneer based dish. But Manveer gave it to the Bani and Manu as they won Manveer’s heart with their dish. 

In the second round, both the teams were ordered to cook the Italian food, which was again won by the Bani and Manu’s team as he made a tasty pasta. And in third round also they flew their flag high by making yummy kheer with desi ghee, dry fruits and kesar and won the task by 3-0. 

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