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Trending Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend of Arshi Khan Slapped Her Very Hard in...

Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend of Arshi Khan Slapped Her Very Hard in Front of Everyone For a Shocking Reason

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Bigg Boss 11 is the center of attraction on TV undoubtedly these days. Every day new twists and turns are making the game more interesting to watch. It is full of entertainment and gossips. People are enjoying the fights and all drama that is currently happening in the house. Talking about the most entertaining contestant of the show Arshi Khan, her name has been embroiled.

A few days ago, south actress Gehana Vasisth revealed that Arshi has over 10 criminal cases pending against her & she is married to a 50-year-old man. Also, the contestant Priyank discussed Arshi Khan’s legal issues after which her publicist filed an FIR against the ‘Splistvilla 10’ contestant. Now, Arshi has made a very shocking revelation about her boyfriend who is now her ex.

In a conversation with co-contestant Shilpa Shinde in the kitchen area, she revealed that how her ex-boyfriend slapped her very hard in front of everyone. All this happened when she worked in the physiotherapy department of a hospital in Bhopal. She said her insecure boyfriend used to keep an eye on her in the hospital even during the days when heavy rains used to pour. Talking about the shocking incident she said,

One day when she was coming back to her department after treating one of her patients, she was all sweaty because there are no air conditioners in every part of the hospital. When Arshi’s beau saw her in that condition, he slapped her very hard and said, “tu sokar aa rahi hai wahaan surgery department se (Did you sleep with someone in the surgery department).”

After listening to this, shocked Shilpa asked Arshi didn’t she slap him back? Arshi replied she did slap her boyfriend after breaking up with him.

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