Bigg Boss 11: Contestant Bandagi Kalra Refused to Endorse Condoms!


Bigg Boss 11 is becoming interesting day by day because of lots of controversies involved. Ever since day one, the names of various contestants got embroiled in controversies. One such contestant is commoner contestant Bandgi Kalra. Bandagi is in a limelight for her closeness with co-contestant Puneesh Sharma in the show.

But did you know that Bandgi was once approached for a condom ad and she refused to be a part of it? According to a news published in a leading news website, a source revealed that,

“Bandgi was offered a condom ad a year and a half before but she refused it saying that she did not want to do anything that would upset or offend her parents. Now, she clearly seems to have forgotten that inside the house. Funnily, every time Puneesh and Bandgi are together, the ticker of the condom ad comes. The channel and brand are surely cashing in on what they are doing inside the house. And she is not even aware of it. Karma surely has a way of retribution.”

Bandagi and Puneesh growing closeness especially in the nights when the lights go out are grabbing the eyeballs. Even the host of the show Salman Khan warned the duo that they have to take care of their personal stuff in front of the cameras as it is not our culture.