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Shockingly This Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Became a Mother in Her Teenage, Got Pregnant Without Marriage

Bigg Boss 12 has garnered high TRPs all thanks to fights, controversies and drama involved. In the recent previous episodes we saw how the contestants got the chance to see and hear to their family members via video message on the occasion of Diwali. Bigg Boss gave a sweet surprise to housemates and later on in the evening popular numerologist Sanjay Jummani visited the house and made some interesting predictions about the contestants.

While it was Megha’s turn, something shocked the audience. She made a confession with Sanjay B Jummani, that she was in a serious relationship in her teenage days which led to her pregnancy and she became a mother without getting married. However, she didn’t reveal the identity of the man, she was involved with. But now the Bigg Boss Marathi winner is happily married to a Mumbai based engineer Aditya Pawaskar and is mom to two kids, her own daughter and a step son from husband’s previous marriage.

To let you know, Megha had struggled a lot at the start of her career. Her real struggle started when she got pregnant before marriage. According to the reports, her father failed to bear the news that her daughter got pregnant before marriage and ultimately died due to to the shock. Megha blamed herself for her father’s death.

Se left her house after that and also spent four nights sitting on the railway platform as she didn’t have any place to stay. But soon she started getting supporting roles in the serials and her life took a turn when she got a chance to enter Marathi Bigg Boss and emerged as its first winner and is currently doing well in Bigg Boss season 12.

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