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Bigg Boss 12 Makers Want This Contestant to Win The Show as Revealed by an Ex-contestant

Bigg Boss 12 is becoming interesting day by day. Whether it’s about Sreesanth’s annoying nature, Dipika’s babysitting, Romil’s manipulation, Surabhi’s foul language or Deepak’s high-pitch tone all the contestants are serving an extra dose of entertainment to the audience. Talking about its winner, audience’s reaction, viewer’s opinion, polls, survey, Salman’s attitude and the celebrity guests on the show make it quite evident as to who might take the trophy home.

According to an internet survey, people see four contestants as the finalists and they are Dipika Kakkar, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary. However, there are several factors which made us believe that Romil will win the trophy of this season.

Audience support

The phone calls that come during the ‘Weekend Ka Waar’ always comes out in the support of Romil. Till now, we haven’t heard anyone asking against Romil. The audience has found a connection with the strongest commoner contender in the house – Romil, whether it’s about social media, polls or calls.

Salman Khan’s attitude toward Romil

He never seemed to point Romil for his wrongdoings. Salman’s attitude towards Romil speaks volumes of his admiration for the contestant.

Celebrity Guests

Preity Zinta, Farah Khan, Bharti Singh – any celebrity guest who enter the house always have only good things to say about Romil.

Numerologist Sanjay Jumani

Numerologist Sanjay Jumani predicted and said to Romil that he sees Romil as one of the finalists. Not just this, he even praised him for his performance.

Shivashish’s revelation

Recently evicted Shivashish has revealed that the makers edit the show in such a way that whatever Romil does wrong never becomes the highlight. Even for breaking rules, Salman or Bigg Boss never pulls him up. According to him, they want him to become the winner.

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