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Bigg Boss 12: Upset over Nehha Pendse’s eviction, Twitteratti say that the decision is unfair

After all the festive celebration, dance, comedy and nok jhok it was time for one of the nominated contestants in the Bigg Boss 12house to bid adieu.

Between Nehha Pndse and Karanvir Bohra, the former got evicted from the Salman Khan’s show.

Nehha, best known for her work in May I Come In Madam, was one of the most loved contestants on the show. Her beauty, simplicity and no drama attitude had bewitched everyone, including some of the inmates.

Even while exiting the house, the actress did not create any fuss and walked staright out of the door.

However, fans and followers of the show felt that Karanvir Bohra deserved to go and not Nehha. They were disheartened and expressed the same on their social media.

While some said that the decision was unfair, others said that they will miss Nehha Pendse on the show, and that they want her back.

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