Urvashi Vani And Deepak Thakur Lied to Enter Bigg Boss? Urvashi’s Big Secret Exposed!


The Bigg Boss show makers know very well how to fake it to make it! The latest to have come under scrutiny is Urvashi Vani. The small town girl entered the show with her partner Deepak Thakur who is a singer and sang songs in Gangs of Wasseypur.

The Jodi showcased a pair of a fan and a star. if you remember, during the premiere night, they confessed in front of the Salman Khan that there’s something more to the story as well. The duo going for dates in a zoo was enough to get an indication that they had a romantic inclination towards each other, or at least it was portrayed so.

However, now it seems that it all was fake and the story was made to keep the audience intact with the show. Some pictures are getting viral on the internet, in which Vani is seen along with a guy who is assumed to be her boyfriend.

They are seen posing romantically like a couple. Also, in one of the pictures, Vani is posing with a letter, making it clear that they make a couple. Well, fake or real, Urvashi is liked by the masses.


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