Trending Being Gripped In Heat Wave, Bihar Banned Cooking and 'Havans'

Being Gripped In Heat Wave, Bihar Banned Cooking and ‘Havans’

Emergency measures have been called in Emergency Situation, Bihar facing a killer heat wave have responded to the crisis with a slew of desperate initiatives including a ban on cooking and religious functions involving fire. The average temperature in most parts of Bihar is hovering around 42 degrees Celsius with Patna and Bhagalpur recording 43.6 degrees Celsius.

cooking banned in bihar between 9 to 5

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The unrelenting heat wave that has killed more than 170 people across the country have prompted Bihar to ban cooking in villages between 9 am and 6 pm. Over 1,000 fires in less than a month leading to 74 deaths and burning of 16,000 houses in the state triggered the advisory which also prohibits burning of wheat crop waste. Over 2,000 acres of wheat crop area was destroyed in fires. At least 66 people and 1,200 animals have perished because of the heat.

Havan Banned in BiharChief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday had ordered officials to issue an advisory instructing people to cook food before 9 am and after 6 pm and perform religious rituals like ‘havans’, before 9 am. Violators will face jail term of up a year for violating the advisory issued under the National Disaster Management Act.

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