Director Patty Jenkins turns out to have turned down a controversial origin story for the Amazons. In it they were not heroines, but rather victims.

The director had to fight to get her version of Wonder Woman made. Jenkins was the second woman ever to direct a movie with a budget of more than $ 100 million. In 2017 it was also one of the highest-earning films for a female director.

Amazons raped wonder woman

Fighting hard
Actress Connie Nielsen , who plays Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, now tells us that Jenkins had to fight hard to really get the feminist themes she wanted in the film.

“She was very clear about what the Amazons should be. I believe the original idea was that they were deeply traumatized by a terrible event related to mass rape,” said Nielsen. Jenkins didn’t like that.

“We don’t want them to be seen as victims, so why would we do that? That’s why she ditched that part and they are now very clearly heroines. Women who are not victims of history, but incredibly brave women who do not struggle with trauma. Past.”