Bizarre: This Man Made A Guitar That Most Musicians Won’t Imagine


We all keep hearing about the bizarre inventions, that creative people come up with. Some are so breathtaking that we can’t even wonder about them. So today again get ready to see one of those again.

We all love to see a guitar with well-fitted strings and nuts right! But what if we show you a guitar made of bones. Doesn’t it sound crazy? But let us show you something like this. Well, a YouTuber named Prince Midnight’s invention has gone viral who constructed a guitar with a body built from an actual human skeleton. And the surprising thing is that he made it from his uncle’s skeleton who passed away in the ‘90s in Greece.

What made him do this?

After Prince Midnight brought his uncle’s bones from Greece, he wanted to memorize him. However, he didn’t know whether to cremate them or bury them. But finally, after doing a lot of research he came up with the idea of turning the uncle’s skeleton into a guitar. And this is what is in front of us. Have a look at this.

Check out the video below:

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