News BJP MLA Has Proved That Virat Kohli Is "Unpatriotic"

BJP MLA Has Proved That Virat Kohli Is “Unpatriotic”

I don’t know why some politicians give voice to their thoughts even when they know that they are just spreading shit. A BJP MLA of Madhya Pradesh sparked an unwanted controversy when he described India cricket captain Virat Kohli as unpatriotic because he chose Italy as his marriage destination.

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BJP MLA Has Proved That Virat Kohli Is "Unpatriotic"

Panna Lal Shakya, BJP MLA from Guna, Madhya Pradesh, said: “Virat Kohli cannot be the idol of youths in the country since he had chosen Italy as his marriage destination. He earned money and fame in India but preferred Italy over his country to hold his wedding ceremony.”

Shakya further added: “In this country, Ram, Krishna, Vikramaditya, and Yudhisthira got married. No one among us goes abroad like he has gone.”

On the other hand, Congress party has described the MLA’s comment as the direct impact of the outcome of the Gujarat polls.

BJP MLA Has Proved That Virat Kohli Is "Unpatriotic"
Source: Deccan Chronicle

“The BJP now realises that they cannot survive in Madhya Pradesh without raking up the issue of nationalism. Their supreme leader questioned the integrity of a former army chief, a former prime minister and a former vice-president to divide society and win votes in Gujarat.”

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