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BJP MLAs’ Shameful Act in Public, Thrash Each Other With Shoes

BJP MLAs’ Shameful Act in Public, Thrash Each Other With Shoes


What else we can expect from the people who take an oath to make this nation a better place to live in, if they act so immoral in the public. In a shameful act, a leaked video is doing the rounds on the social media showcasing two BJP lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh fighting each other with fists and shoes.

The incident happened on March 6 during an official meeting at Uttar Pradesh’s Sant Kabir Nagar in the presence of journalists. Watch the video below:

The fight started over getting the credit. A BJP Member of Parliament Sharad Tripathi, who represents the district, asked why his name was not included on the foundation stone for a local road. To which the other MLA from the district, Rakesh Baghel, replied that it was his decision.

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This raged Tripathi and took no time to hit Baghel with his shoe. Baghel hits back before security personnel and other BJP functionaries intervene and separate them. Both the MLAs showed immorality towards their role which supposed to be responsible. It was a district coordination meeting, where top public officials were gathered to review development projects and other work in the area.

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