BJP MP Compares Mahatma Gandhi With Narendra Modi

BJP MP Vijay Goel does the unlikely by comparing PM Narendra Modi to Mahatma Gandhi calling Modi a “Saint of Sabarmati” one day before Gandhi Jayanti.

Goel put up hoardings with images of Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi with slogans praising Modi to the likes of Gandhiji, in fornt of his official residence on Ashoka road which stands oppositely to the BJP headquarters.


This move invited outright reactions from the Congress targetting Goel, BJP and even AAP taking jibes at them. “BJP’s Vijay Goel compares Mahatma Gandhi with PM. This is sycophancy at its worst. Even a self-obsessed man like Mr. Modi may feel embarrassed, written in a weet posted by Congress Spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed.


Whereas Goel said that he was “not comparing” the two personalities who he said were “Saints in their own rights.” While Gandhiji liberated our country, Modi is liberating us from corruption, povety and is invigorating the entire nation by his relentless work.”

Now Goel seems to be trying too hard to find a place in the good books of Modi! Don’t you think?

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