Entertainment Bollywood BMC Blacklisted Salman Khan's NGO Being Human

BMC Blacklisted Salman Khan’s NGO Being Human

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, also known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has blacklisted Salman Khan’s NGO Being Human as it failed to set up concessional dialysis units over a year after it was assigned the project.

Being Human Agreement With BMC

BMC Blacklisted Salman Khan's NGO Being Human

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In 2016, an agreement based on a Public-Private Partnership was signed between Being Human and BMC according to which 12 Dialysis centers were installed which would be equipped to perform 10,000 procedures each month.

Being Human would be responsible for hiring staff and maintenance of the centers.

An official said:

“Being Human, which was shortlisted for running the dialysis centre at Bandra (West), had paid the bank guarantee and was granted all the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. But with the project not taking off, we have issued them a show-cause notice warning that they would be blacklisted.”

BMC Blacklisted Salman Khan's NGO Being Human

Meanwhile a statement is issued by Being Human:

“The Being Human Foundation has certain mandatory requirements which need to be included in contracts. There were discussions around those which ultimately did not materialise. There was no formal contract/MoU signed at all.”

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