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High Life 5 Body Language Tricks To Instantly Like You

5 Body Language Tricks To Instantly Like You

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It’s important that people should like us. It boosts our confidence to talk to new persons. Most of the persons love themselves a lot and are much interested in themselves, so how do we capture them towards our conversation and hold on their attention. Its a wonderful body that would help us. So look at some ways through which you can win friends and influence people.

Body language tricks to like you

1. The Flooding Smile

The first is to have the flooding smile. Definitely its important to smile as much as possible. But it doesn’t mean that you keep on greening all day long. This won’t help you to impress people because they would think that you this for everyone. All you need to do is that whenever you greet people, give a very positive warm responsive smile. The smile should flood over your face and that would stimulate good feelings. It will give very positive feeling to the opposite person and will show that you are glad to meet him. So do smile because it works.

body language tricks to like you

2. Sticky Eyes

The second trick is to have sticky eyes. You might wondering what are sticky eyes? Well eyes are most important part of our body so you should never break the eye contact. When talking to someone you should pretend that you are glued to conversation. This brings a little bit of confidence to the opposite person that “Oh yes, he’s listening to me.” So this will make him or her like you instantly. Now even the conversation ends do not just look away from that person. What you have to do is reluctantly or slowly look away from that person.

body language tricks to like you

3. The Big Baby Pivot

People are very conscious about how a person react to them, so when you meet a person don’t only turn your face towards him or her, turn your full body. You don’t have to just look back and say hello. Give a completely undivided attention to him as you would give a baby if a baby crawls up to you and seeks your attention. That’s what even adults like. He or she will be highly impressed if you do to him or her.

body language tricks to like you

4. Limit The Fidget

The fourth trick to appear credible is that do not move much while you are having a conversation with a person. Its not professional and not appreciated by anybody. Also stop fidgeting with your hands and stop wiggling. It doesn’t look good at all. Also stop multitasking, like if you have received emails and you want to have a look on them. Don’t do that.

body language tricks to like you

5. Using Hands

The fifth trick is to your hands while talking as they are on of the most important part of our body so do use them. Well do not cross your hands. Crossing your hands shows boredom. When you use hands, it helps active speech production. Hands will help your to be out of your mouth. So use your hands, do not stand straight.

Good Luck!

Keep Impressing!!

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