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21st Century Really? Body Of a Dalit Man ‘Airdropped’ Off a Bridge After Upper Caste Community Deny Permission For Funeral Procession




In what world are we living in? In a very shocking incident, a dead body of a Dalit Man had to be pushed off a bridge using ropes. It all because the members of the upper caste community allegedly refused to allow the funeral procession to pass through their land.

This incident belongs to Vellore, Tamil Nadu, that happened last week. It garnered attention after the video of the body airdropped from the 20-feet-high bridge went viral on social media. 

The name of the deceased is N Kuppam who was a resident of the Narayanapuram Dalit Colony. He died in a road accident. After a day of his death, his relatives were on their way to the crematorium to perform his last rites. The way to the crematorium passed through the land of some upper-caste Hindus, which locals say they encroached illegally. hence, they denied permission for his funeral procession.

In the viral video, nearly a dozen people were seen trying to lower the body and a handful of others on the ground receiving it as the garland and wreath laid on the body falls off.  

A man is also heard in the video saying that this is not the first time such incidents have happened there.

“As we have been denied entry, we are using cradles to lower the bodies from the bridge. Over the past four years, we cremated four bodies like this. Kuppan was the latest.”


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