“Just like Captain America has his shield, Thor has his hammer and wonder woman has her lasso. I have my red lipstick.”

Red lips are sure the new fashion statement of every girl around. Unlike the past when girls too shy to wear bold lips recently however bold has been in.Red is a color which speaks for itself. It sure draws attention and assertion.


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Red lips are a temporary lip shaped tattoo which is a reminder of what already happened and a prelude of what is yet to come. It is a blow in the face of every sexist women shamming people who prefer women muting their opinions with sedate colors.

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Very few of us actually know the history of red lipstick. For years red lips have been associated with immortality and a gamut of assumptions have been made about women who wear it. It was believed that a sexualised mouth would actually give you a return ticket to hell. Years later, hilariously, the parliament of the US actually condemned red lipstick, labeling it as a sign of witchcraft. Queen Elizabeth I actually brought the lip color into a regal audience. In India, for ages red lipstick was associated with a whorish character but gladly the cliche has now been broken with red lipstick getting a very loyal fan base. Not only that, psychologists say a woman who can pull of red lip color tends to be more confident and feels better about herself.

Since it has been psychologically proven now that gives the girls another reason to wear red lipstick! Game on chicass!!