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Bollywood Actor Bobby Deol’s Wife Slapped Kareena Kapoor And Then She Had to Pay a Big Cost 

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In Bollywood, making and breaking of relations is not a new thing. There is no certainty of anything. There are many friends and enemies of Bollywood stars, some even turned friends from enemies and some enemies from friends. Something like that happened with Kareena Kapoor and Bobby Deol also. To let you know after a film, something very bad happened between the stars that they vowed to never work again together.

It happened when both of them were shooting for the film Ajnabee. In this film, they were given the roles of a husband-wife couple. Along with them Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu were also there in the film. For the outdoor shoots, Kareena’s mom Babita and Bobby’s wife Tanya used to go with them.

Kareena’s mother Babita is very caring and protective to her daughters. So she got involved in an argument with Bobby Deol during the film shoot of Ajnabee. Bobby Deol ignored it but his wife Tanya lashed out at Babita on the set. This raged Kareena Kapoor and she too got involved in the ugly fight. Tanya became so furious that she slapped Kareena Kapoor.

Akshay Kumar then came in between and made both the parties calm down. But due to this Bobby Deol suffered a setback in his film career. As Kareena Kapoor became a star after that she decided to never sign a film with Bobby Deol. Superhit film Jab We Met was first offered to Bobby Deol but on Kareena’s decision, he was shown the way out from the film and Kareena insisted to take her then boyfriend Shahid Kapoor in the film.

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