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Once He Used to Wash Dishes at a Dhaba to Gather School Fees, Today Becomes Bollywood’s Famous Actor

Struggle stories of related persons are the lessons for others, that anything in this world is possible! This is a unique struggle story of famous Bollywood actor who once didn’t have enough to eat. This actor is none other than Sunder Yadav of film Gangajal – Yashpal Sharma.

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Poverty, struggle and responsibilities, nothing could keep Yashpal Sharma from his one true love i.e acting. Playing Lakha in the iconic film Lagaan, Yashpal awed the audience with a character that starts out as negative but gradually reforms into a positive one.

Yashpal was born in Hisar, Haryana in a very poor family. Although his father was a clerk but he had a big giant family to feed on his own. Yashpal had 7 siblings and the financial condition of the family was almost at its worst. Yashpal started working since class 8 and did not take any money from his parents thereafter.

Selling colors during Holi season and crackers during Diwali, Yashpal picked any job that came his way to support his family. At one point, he earned a meager amount of Rs 300 per month by working in a jewelry shop. He also used to wash dishes at a Dhaba to earn his school fees.

Watching Ramlila in his town inspired him to become an actor and there it was he started following his dream and shifted to Mumbai in 1997. Call it a fate or anything he got his first break in 1998 in Govind Nihalani’s Hazaar Churasi Ki Maa, the struggle to make it big lasted for many years. Then he appeared in famous show CID where Ashutosh Gowariker noticed him and offered a role in Lagaan and rest is the history!

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