Reason Why Shama Sikander Canceled Her Wedding

Recently, there were reports of Bollywood actors Varun Dhawan-Natasha Dalal and Ali Fazal-Richa Chadha's wedding postpone. And now actress Shama Sikander has...
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Famous Bollywood Actors Who Are Living a Life of Anonymity, Some Are Spending Their Worst Days

Life is a name of ups and downs. We all have our own struggle story. The thing that sheds our inner potential with time is age. Time and age are the two powerful things that we can’t choose to ignore ever. In Bollywood too, age and time have their own importance. That’s why the actors who were the stars of yesterday are forgotten by the people. And then they have to spend their life away from the limelight in anonymity. Today we will tell you about the actors who were famous in the past but now no one bothers where they are!

Deepak Tijori

He worked in many superhit films in the 90s. He also directed some films and was the contestant of Bigg Boss. His wife Shivani Taneja thrown him out of the house after filing a divorce case against him. He is spending worst days of his life.

Vivek Mushran

The Ilu-Ilu fame Vivek was one of the cute actors of the Bollywood in the 90s. After giving a number of flop films he got vanished from the silver screen and return to Tv after a long time. He got changed totally. He became bald and fat.

Shadab Khan

He is the son of Bollywood’s famous iconic villain, Amjad Khan. He worked in a film Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat oppsite Rani Mukerji. But his career was a flop show.

Faisal Khan

The Mela film actor is a younger brother of Aamir Khan. None of his film worked well at the box office and he failed to bear the burden of flop career and went into depression. In 2007, he went missing and then traced at a farmhouse near Khandala two days later. He gave a very shocking statement to the media. He accused Aamir Khan of destroying his career as well as snatching his property that made him ran away from home.

Faisal was schizophrenic, it is a type of mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real.

Sharad Kapoor

The actor of film Josh has worked in many filmas and TV serials but now he is living a life away from the limelight.

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