Entertainment Bollywood 5 Bollywood Actors Who Married a Woman Equal to Their Daughter's Age

5 Bollywood Actors Who Married a Woman Equal to Their Daughter’s Age

In our country marriage is considered the most pious bond. But sometimes we witness some couples that look so odd together. Maybe because of the age difference they possess. You won’t believe but in the film industry, there are some actors who married a woman who is a far younger than them.

Sanjay Dutt and Mayata Dutt

Manyata is Sanjay’s third wife. Manyata is 39 years old whereas Sanjay is 58. They have an age difference of 21 years. The couple is a proud parent of twin children Shahraan and Iqra.

Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dosanjh

This is the most surprising couple in the Bollywood industry. Parveen is 42 years old whereas Kabir is 72 years old. They have an age difference of long 30 years. It is worth considering that Parveen is even younger than Kabir’s daughter Pooja who is 48 years old.

Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

Dimple was only 16 years old when she got married to Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh was 31 years old at that time. They had a huge age difference. After some years of their marriage, they got separated but never got divorced.

Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol

Sunny married Pooja Deol in 1984. She was 24 years younger than him.

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

The veteran actor Dilip Kumar is 23 years older than wife Saira Banu.

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